Business Structures

Should you structure your business as an LTC, or would it be better to remain sole proprietor? What should I know about becoming a corporation? All business owners must choose their business structure, so these questions have likely crossed your mind at some point. But the answer is a bit allusive — especially if you’re just relying on vague definitions from a government website. Business Structure affects taxes, the structure you choose can impact your ability to grow or sell the business. By choosing the right structure for your business can protect your personal assets and save you money. There’s potential impact of making a bad choice and its risky so its significant to get it right.

Our service includes:

Company formation and secretarial service

Company formation

  • Advising, from a corporate secretarial perspective, on the initial set-up and the form an entity could take
  • Establishing the optimal corporate structure and arranging for incorporation or registration of legal entities
  • Providing advice on licensing requirements and regulatory approvals, e.g. securities, export registration
  • Outlining basic labor law requirements
  • Preparing a first draft of local employment contracts for consideration
  • Advising on other basic compliance requirements



  • Conducting health checks and reviews of statutory books and producing detailed reports with recommendations for further action
  • Maintaining statutory records and completing ongoing secretarial compliance tasks
  • Providing a registered office and nominee shareholder service (location specific)
  • Facilitating corporate changes such as a change of director or corporate secretary, a company name change, change of auditor, transfer of shareholdings, increase in capital, alteration to constitutional documents or a change in bank signing arrangements
  • Conducting company searches


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