IRD Audit and Review

Tax audits can be expensive and are on the increase with the compliance focus undertaken by IRD. Our IRD Audit and Review service provides cover for tax audits

Are you prepared?

What are IRD Audits, Reviews & Investigations?

Audits, reviews and investigations are conducted the IRD to ensure business and taxpayer compliance with various tax and legislative requirements such as Income Tax, GST, Record Keeping, Fringe Benefits Tax, PAYE, Employer Returns, Computer Tax Audits, amongst others.


How likely am I to get a audit, review or investigation?

The IRD has recently been provided additional funding and has announced significant increases in their audit activity. Now, more than ever, individuals and businesses are at risk of being selected for an audit or review.


Protect Yourself !!!

What are the costs to businesses and taxpayers in the event of an audit, review or investigation?

If your business or individual return is subjected to an audit, review or investigation, you are responsible for the costs involved in providing the required information. Even the simplest enquiry can require hours of work. In some cases, when there are complex environments, unusual circumstances, multiple years or multiple companies and trusts, thousands of dollars in accounting and legal fees can be incurred.


We are in the public practice providing account and Taxation reviewing for more than 15 years.  We are able to help you with this audit to get an acceptable out come for both parties. To find out more about our Tax Audit & Review Service, contact us today.