PAYE and Kiwisaver

PAYE (Pay As You Earn) is the basic amount of income tax you take out of your employees’ wages whenever you pay them. PAYE includes an ACC earners’ levy. (IR 335)

First-time employers should remember these basic PAYE steps:

  • Understand the minimum pay entitlements for all employees
  • Ensure the correct calculation of wages
  • Keep accurate records
  • Pay Inland Revenue on or before the due date

ACC earners’ levy:

Almost all earnings are liable for the ACC earners’ levy, which include:

  • wages and salaries
  • overtime pay
  • back pay and holiday pay
  • long-service leave pay
  • bonuses or gratuities
  • taxable allowances
  • shareholder-employee salaries
  • salaries to partners in a partnership
  • salaries to working owners of a look-through company


IRD collects the ACC earners’ levy on behalf of the ACC. For employees, this levy has been built into the PAYE tables and is deducted along with the tax.

Our service for payroll is a great way to safeguard confidentiality of wage information and ensure employment law is being adheared with regard to leave entitlement & kiwisaver.

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